Toby, English Springer Spaniel - coloured pencil
It was very nice to meet you again last night. I am so very pleased with the drawing of Toby - you have captured him absolutely. The colouring is perfect, and you have managed to capture his eyes so accurately. There is no doubt that it is him, not just any springer spaniel.

Russell, Jack Russell Terrier - coloured pencil
Iím so chuffed - thatís him to a T. Itís unbelievable!

Thomas, Labrador and Guscott, Norfolk Terrier - coloured pencil
Terry and I just want to thank you once again for your wonderful portraits of 'the boys'. †You have not just created a true likeness of the dogs, but also the character, by capturing the loyalty of our old labrador and the cheekiness of our Norfolk Terrier. †We are thrilled with the results and will treasure these pictures for years to come.

Murphy, Ragdoll cat - coloured pencil
WOW IT'S AMAZING thank u soo much.

Megan and Jenni, Bedlington Terriers - coloured pencil
Thank you for another wonderful portrait. I'm sure it will not be the last that†I will request you to do for me.

Abi, Border Collie - coloured pencil
I've just opened my parcel!! Itís so lovely, thank you so much. Pete's going to be thrilled with it - I just can't wait to show it to him. I'm so thrilled, thank you so much once again.

Rosie, Terrier - coloured pencil
We just wanted to thank you once again for the beautiful portrait of Rosie Ė Mum and Dad thought it was absolutely spot on and were really delighted! .. it made Mum cry!

Monty, Working Cocker Spaniel - coloured pencil
"It's him! Itís him!!"

Cilla the cat - graphite
Sheís arrived! And she really is beautiful. It looks just like her. Thank you so much for finishing before Patsyís birthday. Itís really going to make her day.

Nous, Golden Retriever - coloured pencil
We are so pleased with the portrait. It's†gone off to the framers and weíre excited to be able to hang it in pride of place. You've really captured our Nous for us.

Dotti, Collie x - graphite
Thank you for the portrait. I was impressed with the result and my partner loved it, as did her parents. They feel that you captured Dotti's character and expression perfectly.

Paddy, Border Terrier - coloured pencil
Thank you so much. We are so pleased with Paddyís portrait. You have captured his very unique spirit. I know I will look and remember him in his prime with the most treasured memories.

Dempsee, Mollie, and Jack, Tibetan Terriers - coloured pencil
Having seen Beverley's work which reflected the feeling and detail for each of her subjects, we were tempted to ask her to do a portrait of our three dogs. We are absolutely thrilled and bowled over with the result - we are amazed that in one picture she has captured three individual characters showing that she has a true understanding of each one's nature. It makes us smile every time it catches our eye because it is not simply a triple portrait of Tibetan Terriers, but OUR Tibetan Terriers. Fabulous!

Bruce, Terrier - graphite
I have received Bruce. Thank you so much, he is absolutely wonderful. Your talent is astonishing. I shall be telling all my dog owner friends about your portraits!

Socks, Yorkshire Terrier x - coloured pencil
Socks is safely received and we are absolutely delighted with her!! You have captured her perfectly, Bryony adores the picture. Are you booked up yet for Christmas as we would love some further pictures of the other pets?

Panda, English Bull Terrier - coloured pencil
Received the portrait today - thank you very much. We are all delighted with it, it has caught Panda just right.

Bertie, Basset Hound - coloured pencil
Bertie has just arrived! He is magnificent! we are absolutely delighted with him and I am sure James will be too. You are a VERY clever lady, you have captured him perfectly.

Socks, Terrier X - coloured pencil
Thatís exactly his character - that was the thing I was worried about. I donít know how you do it!

Elvis and Chico, Petit Basset Griffon Vendeens - coloured pencil
Thank you very much for the portrait of Elvis and Chico which you did for my birthday - itís lovely. Iím really pleased with it - I hope we werenít too fussy!

Lily the cat - coloured pencil
We have received the picture of Lily today and are delighted with it. I love the picture and I am sure that our son will be delighted. I realise how much work goes into something like this.

Skye, Great Dane - coloured pencil
I wanted to write and thank you for the wonderful picture of Skye our Great Dane. When my husband opened it on Christmas day he was so pleased but also very emotional. He could not believe how perfect the drawing is - you have managed to capture her exact personality. Thank you for giving us a picture of Skye that will be treasured forever as she was a very big part of our life.

Mel, Border Collie - coloured pencil
Thank you for the super picture (and cards) of Mel. What an amazing likeness!

Bertie and Daisy, Jack Russell Terriers - coloured pencil
Just a quick note to thank you very much for the picture of Bertie and Daisy that you recently completed for us. Both ourselves and my parents were delighted with the finished article. The detail you put in really captured the characters of the two dogs and once we have got it back from the framers, it will be taking pride of place on the wall of my parentsí new home.

Tara, Black Labrador - coloured pencil
Just to let you know how happy we all are with Taraís portrait.

Mouse, Working Cocker x English Springer Spaniel - coloured pencil
Iím speechless with admiration for your work - and Mouse ... youíve captured her perfectly.